You have questions, and hopefully I can get you the answers.


Refund Policy and Payments

What is your refund policy?

Healthy Stock does not offer refunds for downloaded files. Once you purchase and download the image, the sale is final. File returns will only be considered based on technical issues with the file at the sole discretion of Healthy Stock. If you have a problem with an image, please contact support: Email here.


I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still purchase photos?

Yes, you can. Healthy Stock uses PayPal because it is a well known and trusted online payment service that has been around for almost two decades and accepts all major credit cards.

You can use a PayPal account to purchase photos or you can purchase as a guest where PayPal just handles the payment transaction.


Do you offer corporate accounts or invoicing?

Not at this time. Healthy Stock is brand new, so for now, pay as you go per image is how the site will work.


Why does my purchase receipt have Vibrantly as the company name?

Healthy Stock is a brand of Vibrantly, our parent company, so all business transactions are done under the Vibrantly business name.


I’m having technical difficulties with the site, where do I go for help?

If you are having technical difficulties with Healthy Stock, please contact support: Email here. I am a one-person operation at the moment, so please be patient with response time. I will do my best to be in contact within 24 hours or less.


About Healthy Stock

Why are you only selling photos of plant-based food?

Because I got tired of looking at boring vegan food pics in stock photography sites. Kidding. Ok, not kidding. More importantly, aren’t you tired of looking at a red apple on a white background or an iceberg lettuce salad with a token cherry tomato and cucumber slice? What is available also looks too staged or stiff for social media and mobile app use.

My style of photography looks like something you’d see on one of your favorite Instagram foodie accounts. In fact, I hope I am one of your favorite Instagram accounts. *shameless plug* Please follow @thehealthystock on Instagram.

Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian eating is on the rise.  As an artist, I want to help energize the plant-based movement by offering beautiful, warm, appetizing food photos at affordable pricing for activists, bloggers, and non-profits that look good in blogs, social media, and apps.


Seriously. You shoot on an iPhone?

Seriously. For realz. And amazingly, I take better photos on an iPhone than on a fancy DSLR. The fact that I don’t have to shut one eye and look into a tiny hole to take a pic apparently makes a difference.


Why is your selection so small?

Asking for some patience here. I’m just starting out and have no idea what I’m getting myself into, so I’m starting small but high quality. Just keeping it real. Healthy Stock was launched in February 2017 starting with 180 images.

I discovered the Symbiostock WordPress platform that let’s independent artists sell their photography, illustrations and videos, and thought cool! I’m going to start selling my photos. Living the dream!

Healthy Stock is an indie artist owned and managed royalty-free stock photography site so I appreciate your good will and support as I start out and figure out how to make this site a well oiled machine.


How often will you upload new images for sale?

Healthy Stock will grow over time. For now, since I’m just starting out, new images will be added to inventory as soon as I can. I apologize for the vagueness. The best way to be one of the first to know when new images arrive is to subscribe to our newsletter.


What licensing options are available?

As of January 2017, Healthy Stock offers two types of licensing: Standard and Extended. We also carry images that are for editorial use only. Details are available on the Licensing page.


What does “Buy Out” an image mean?

The Buy Out option on Healthy Stock photos means that the image becomes yours, and it will be removed from the Healthy Stock inventory. Copyright will be transferred to you with the option that I, the photographer, can use the photo for portfolio use only.


What is the meaning of life?



Are your photos sold on other stock photography sites?

No. For now, all of the photos on Healthy Stock are exclusive to our site and on Symzio, a sibling of Symbiostock.

If you see any of my photos on other stock photo sites, please let me know. At a later time, I may consider selling my photos on other royalty-free stock photo sites but right now I love the idea of being able to offer my photography at more affordable rates for activists, bloggers, and non-profits to help grow the plant-based movement.

When you purchase from Healthy Stock you are supporting an independent artist helping to make the world a better place which makes you a really cool human that I greatly appreciate! Please support other independent artists.


What is Symzio?

Healthy Stock is a member of the Symzio Network. Symzio is not just another stock photography site, it is a group of independent photographers, illustrators and artists licensing royalty-free and rights managed images from our own sites and collectively through Symzio with simple realistic pricing for the images.

In a nutshell, Symzio is artists helping artists as a collective which I am happy to do so. Cool, huh? So please, help the cause and buy images on Symzio as well, and tell your friends.


I’m inspired by your iPhone photography, and would like to take better food pics on my phone. What is your secret?

Why thank you! Here are 5 of my best tips on taking better food pics on a mobile phone.


I’m a brand and would like to hire you for a project. Are you available for hire?

ABSOLUTELY! Please contact me: Email here.


Thank you! I appreciate your business.