stephanie-quilao-june-2016Hello! I’m Stephanie Quilao, the photographer and plant-based eating advocate. Welcome to Healthy Stock, a niche royalty-free stock photography site focused on plant-based food and drinks.

Healthy Stock is a sister site to Vibrantly (relaunching in November 2018) my delicious food blog about expanding your kindness footprint with plant-based eating for the higher good of people, animal, and planet.


Our mission at Healthy Stock is to help energize the plant-based movement through art. It’s time for an evolution of consciousness in our food system!

All the photos on Healthy Stock are designed to be used for the web, social media, presentations, and mobile apps.


The inspiration for Healthy Stock stemmed from two things:

  1. As a blogger, I was tired of seeing a limited selection of beautiful plant-based food on stock photo sites, and what was available was too expensive for my use as an advocate, and small indie business owner. I saw an opportunity to offer affordable, beautiful royalty-free stock photography to help grow the plant-based movement.
  2. I want to make a living from my art. For the first time in my life, I am calling myself an artist as my profession after a corporate marketing career in Silicon Valley and as a Founder of a mobile app startup. I’m also vegan, so the photos are taken through the lens of an artist who practices benevolence for all sentient beings for the higher good of all.

It’s awesome to be able to say that I am a professional iPhone food photographer and storyteller. I had no idea that a fun thing I used to do on Instagram and Twitter could turn into a source of income with a feeling of purpose.


As a customer of Healthy Stock, you are supporting a vegan, woman and artist-owned business. Thank you!!



Not only does Healthy Stock have the distinction of being one of the first royalty-free stock photo sites to focus on plant-based eating, we’re also the first stock photo site to feature photos taken on a mobile device. All the photos on Healthy Stock were shot on an iPhone.

Welcome to modern times! There is now a niche of food photography that brands want geared for social media campaigns and mobile apps. This mobile photography niche fits nicely between Pro DSLR photographers and amateur Instagrammers.

The plant-based food economy is starting to experience a boom because there is a growing demand for plant-based foods led by conscious consumers who care deeply about their health, climate change, animal welfare, sustainability, and the right-to-know what’s in their food.

Healthy Stock is a labour of love. Join our mailing list or check back with our blog and social accounts for notifications and updates on when new photos are added to the inventory.

I am also available for hire for your photography needs. Contact me at: hireme at vibrantly dot co. (that’s indeed dot co not com)

Thank you!