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Easy Cookie To Make Vegan: Mexican Wedding Cookies

Turns out that making an equally delectable vegan version of some of the most popular cookies is pretty easy. One of my personal favorites is the traditional Mexican Wedding Cookie which to me is basically a soft powdery round shortbread.

I used this recipe for Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookies from Food.com and simply replaced the butter with my go-to plant-based Earth Balance soy-free butter.

I’ve made these cookies for family members and they absolutely loved them. No one could tell they were vegan. They just thought, SO GOOD, gimme more!



My two cents. The easiest and cleanest way to get the cookies covered with a nice evenly powdered sugar coating is to put some of the powdered sugar into a mesh strainer and tap against the strainer over the cookies to dust them. Dust with several coats of powdered sugar until you get the thickness you want.

Make a fun pumpkin spice version of the cookies by blending in some pumpkin spice with the powdered sugar before dusting the cookies.

Rolled dough into cookie shape for baking also freezes well. The Food.com recipe makes about two dozen cookies. Bake some for now and freeze some to bake later.